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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally some pictures!

My posts have been so boring lately, so here are few pictures:

This boy is so hard to get (and stay) asleep! So this was a sweet sight, only he's not exactly easy to move from this position (and in fact he woke up shortly after this :-P)!

So I'm including some pictures of me in this one, even though they're less than flattering pictures. Colette took this picture of me when we were all headed up the stairs, what you don't see is Edward at my feet.

This is where we were headed...into the bonus room for a little ride.

This roller coaster is my sis Bryn's, and I'm not sure if I'm just storing it here, or if she gave it to me, but either way we thought if it's going to take up space here we might as well use it!

Edward going "Ehhhh..." as he rumbles around the track.

At 37 lbs Colette just barely misses the cut-off of 35 lbs, so I let her go. But we have to do this while Adrienne is at school or she gets very upset about not being able to go on it!

Colette took this while giong around the track, I love seeing pictures from her point-of-view. I remember when grown-ups looked so tall like this :-)

The other day when we were shopping the kids wanted a toy. We just unloaded a whole bunch of toys that had been packed up and they really didn't need anymore. So I thought we'd get something we could all do together. Well I guess I was a little overambitious because this is a 500 piece puzzle and the kids couldn't help much. They wanted it glued so when I went to buy the puzzle glue, this puzzle caught my eye (and besides, I was going through puzzle withdrawal).

It is 1000 pieces. The reason it caught my eye is because of the willow tree...the girls love willow trees. Plus they just like pretty things, so they wanted this one glued too so they could put it in their room. I did finally get a puzzle they could help with that was 100 pieces. We did it all together the first time. Then the next day Adrienne did most of it by herself, and let Colette do the last 6 pieces or so. I was very impressed with both of them. Adrienne had been very impatient to get it done when we did it all together, and Colette pretty much needed me to hold the piece over where it went to figure out how to put them in. So they both had done very well in doing it all by themselves!


Kristine said...

Amber you look great - congrats on the weight loss. I'm hoping I can get myself back to the gym soon. Thanks for the pics - the kids are getting so big.

Armstrong Family said...

Edward is so cute! You look fabulous! I'm slowly building up the will power to get movin' on some weight loss myself. One of these days!

Karen said...

Amber! You look FANTASTIC!! I am so impressed! Good job on sticking with the diet. I bet you feel great. :)

Thanks for the cute pictures---wish Niklas and I could be there to hang out more when you guys have time in WA, but that won't be happening for a while. :/ Little Edward is so adorable---I love his smiley face of dimples. And the girls are so pretty. I can't get over how cute your whole family is.

Anyway, I have to get going, but thanks for posting the pics! Take care!