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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm FINALLY catching up here. I was about ready to just call it quits on the blog. Everything else just seemed more important than doing this. But I haven't been feeling well since Friday so haven't been able to do those more important things. I'm working my way up to Adrienne's birthday party. I'm stalling because it's going to be a lot of pictures.

So, about the title...This is what I get when I ask the girls to get Edward dressed. They put him in a pair of their pajamas! I realized after taking this first picture that his nose if very snotty (and he's holding a marker that I confiscated...whenever he can get his hands on a writing implement he immediately takes it to a wall! Thank goodness for those magic eraser things!). So I wiped his nose and took several more, but this one was the least blurry! The interesting thing about him wearing this (because I was lazy and didn't change him right away) was that I noticed that I handled him much more gently when he was dressed in girl clothes! I never would have thought that there would be such a difference!

Yesterday we got all the kids new Carter's pajamas at Costco. They are so hard to resist whenever they get a new bunch of designs! Within minutes of getting home from Costco they were in their new pajamas!

And this is what a spacey mom I've become. Don't know how I managed to buy pajamas for a 24 month old girl that we don't have :-P

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