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Monday, May 5, 2008

Miscellaneous pictures

This first picture is my first cousin Jessica's son. This was on her myspace page, and I had to put it on my blog because it is just too cute. (Look at the face on his hat :-P)

I thought this was sweet the look Colette is giving Adrienne and Adrienne's hand on her face.

Future American Idol

I can tell it's Spring. This is one of several newspaper box nests I see around this time of year.

This was funny. They had just gotten out of the tub and Mike walked in. So they grabbed some cardboard boxes to cover up.

Colette's concoction. Fruit Loops with leftover pizza. She actually ate it all. (Real healthy, I know)

Edward's first experience with solid foods. I'm determined for him to like vegetables unlike the girls. So it's sweet potatoes. Also you can kinda see my new hairstyle.

I have a new calling at church to print the programs for Sunday meetings. This is how Edward passed the time while I printed them off. Colette's in the background coloring.

While we were there printing the programs there was a craft class going on in the gym. When we stopped through Edward made a new friend. He seemed really intrigued by another little person like him.

Edward with a shirt I made, and Colette with a satisfied look from sneaking into this picture.

Colette at breakfast time, by Adrienne.

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