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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Edward's 1st Birthday!!

For some reason it's not letting me start my text above this picture, so I'll just have to explain it in a second. It's sort of sad that I'm getting Edward's birthday pictures up the day of, when Colette's birthday was a month ago and I still haven't gotten hers up! But the reason is because Mike wasn't here for his, and he was here for Colette's. So I want him to see pictures from today.

It's kind of funny the differences in effort I put into each child's first birthdays. For Adrienne we had TWO parties, with 4 cakes, 4 pizzas, veggie trays, streamers, balloons, etc.! I remember I took individual pictures of each present she got so we would remember! I don't even know where those pictures are now!! I think (see, I can't even remember!) for Colette we still had extended family come but had her party at Azteca so I wouldn't have to try and fit a bunch of people in our small trailer (and bonus--no clean up!). Poor Edward, the third child, got jipped! Since he's not going to remember this, and I couldn't handle the stress of even doing a small family party, we just combined a separate birthday tradition I have with the kids on their birthdays and we went to the Chipmunk Grill -- the restaurant at the hospital I had them at. So I know this may sound bad, but really, I don't feel guilty about this lack of effort at all. I am done feeling guilty about stuff. I suggest everyone else should do the same. Too much time is wasted feeling bad about ourselves, let's just focus on the good. Okay? Anyway...On to the pictures!

Driving to the restaurant, I reached back and (without looking!) tried to get a picture of Edward...I thought the above picture was cute :-)

There, a better one! (Still not looking!) He actually really looked older this morning!

Get me out already!

A little young for the manners conversation. Good thing there weren't many people there!
It was so dead, Saturday is the day to go! (it's busier during the week with people going to doctor's appointments at the clinic and imaging center and such)

Mommy with the birthday boy!

The fries were too hot at first, so I gave him my pickle.
He never wanted to trade it in for the fries though.

The girls enjoying their shared meal (that's water in their cups, not coffee!).
I had a yummy philly cheese sandwich, with (of course!) au jus!
It makes all the difference between a good and a stupendous philly cheese!

The birthday donut (closest thing they had to cake) :-)

After a little bite of the donut, Edward spit it out and went back for his pickle!

Ah, Washington weather! Actually, I've really been enjoying it. This yellow paint in our house really helps!
I think it's really pretty outside even when it's gloomy! Take note of that fountain on the right though.

Adrienne running back from making a wish at the fountain after getting a penny out of the van!

Same for Colette. She looks so cute in her dressy dress and rainboots!

All that fun must have tuckered him out :-)

This is is a little sad. I didn't even realize Colette was taking pictures. She's always taking pictures so I don't even notice anymore (another post to come about that!). This is Edward talking to his Daddy through Skype, so he could see him on his birthday! He always gets so excited when he hears the Skype ringtone on the speakers.

On the way home from the hospital we stopped at a Redbox and rented "Tinkerbell". We watched it together and then by the girls request, immediately started it again. I was so tired from a long day that I actually sat through it again! Sometimes I have a hard time stopping to watch movies at all, so that's a little unusual for me! It was pretty cute! Probably one to buy at some point.

P.S. Edward had another first recently, I think it was on the 4th -- He said his first word! My sister was waving goodbye to him and he waved and said very clearly "Bye!" It shocked me and her.

P.S.S. I didn't quite make my goal on the weight loss, but again...no guilt! I am just happy that I got 93% of the way there! How can I feel bad about that!?


Kathy M. said...

Cute pictures! :-) That last one was a bit poignant, but heartwarming too. Skype is a pretty neat deal and at least he can see is father's face and interact with him to some degree.

I'm ready to hit the hay! Worked on that video for awhile and the time got away from me. Will see you later!

The Miller's said...

Mike is going to make that last picture his new desktop. It's kind of neat that Colette took it!

Kristine said...

I love seeing the pics - all of the kids are getting so big and you look great.

I agree it's better not to waste time feeling guilty about things, but I have a hard time doing it. I've been needing to lose some weight for awhile now and each time a week goes by without me working out, it makes me feel bad. Really I just need to get myself there and not get discouraged by what I didn't do the week before. That would be a way more productive and positive attitude.

lingenbrink said...

What a fun birthday! I love the idea of going to the chipmunk grill as a birthday tradition. The food is great there. I might have to start that tradition with my family.

I can't believe edward loves pickles!! So cute.

Love the birthday donut with sprinkles. They say...donuts are the new cake!

Marque Holt said...

WHOA wait what?
I so did not think it's been a year since Edward was born. JEEZ I am so out of touch with life back in Washington!

Agnes Minerva said...

Oh, hooray and Happy Birthday, Edward! (Btw, I sent over photos from Colette's, but they came back ... I guess you're using your street address now? Sorry about that! I'll get them to you hopefully soon!)

The Miller's said...

Apparently pickles are the new cake!