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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am finally tackling the job of going through all the clutter carried over from the trailer and organizing everything. One thing I've had trouble with is the girls artwork. They are constantly drawing and writing things and giving them to me. So much so that to keep everything they make would probably require a room by the time they move out. So, I combined two things I've seen other people do to come up with a system. A mother of six said that she keeps her kids artwork in plastic bins and every year they go through and decide what to keep and what to toss. So you can see below the bins that we got and decorated for the girls. They're the perfect size to hold 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, and I figure anything bigger will have to be folded. So the second thing I've seen a mother of seven do is keep binders with plastic sheet protectors in them as super-easy scrapbooks. So at the end of the school year we'll go through these bins and keep only enough to fill the notebooks. Then we'll start over filling the bins for the next year and make another notebook for the next year. I'll show you the notebooks when we get those together, to illustrate what I'm talking about if you can't picture it.

Here's an example of the piles of their artwork that are contributing to all the mess around here.

Colette has been taking pictures constantly lately. I've probably got about 1000 pictures on my computer that she's taken in the last few week's and that's no exaggeration. I'll have to go back and pick out more of some of the cuter ones she's done. But here are some from the folder I went through today for this post. The main purpose of the post is farther down. She takes pictures of all the ordinary things she does throughout the day like watching her favorite show...

and eating breakfast...

Her favorite model (aside from herself) is Edward. I really enjoy these because when he looks at me he usually has a "feed me" expression on his face. So it's fun to see how he looks at everybody else.

So! The original purpose of starting this post was to show something fun we tried out here last night. I saw this on my friend Rachel's blog, who saw it on her friend's blog! I thought it looked fun, but I wasn't planning on trying it right away, but Colette saw the pictures of her cousin over my shoulder and wanted her hair to be like that! Her friend used toilet paper strips, and it looks like Rachel used strips of fabric. The fabric would have worked a lot better and if we ever do it again we'll use fabric. But the toilet paper was easy and a good way to try it out to see if we liked it. My mom used to put those pink curlers in my hair and I hated sleeping in them, but loved my hair curly. I thought maybe it would be more comfortable with just toilet paper in their hair and I never heard any complaints about how it felt.

It worked well on Colette's hair, but Adrienne's was really kinky and she had to go to school, so we improvised. It might be better to try out on a Friday night when there's nowhere to go the next day in case it looks bad. I'll do that next time until I figure out how to do it with less kinks.

I'll end this with a self-portrait by Colette who loved her curly hair! She is always asking me to curl her hair when I am putting curlers in my hair, but they're too big for her so this was great.



Amanda said...

I LOVE that idea of the bin. I think I'll use one of Keven's that he has toys in. Thanks for sharing these ideas with us! Also, a gal in my ward takes pictures of her children's artwork and then prints them up and puts them in a little photo album (like a 5x7) and throws the artwork away. That has worked out really well for her, but I like the bin idea. The girls' hair looks fun! Although, they don't look so thrilled about them. Maybe they were going for the runway model look. SO SERIOUS! hahahaha!

The Miller's said...

Colette was thrilled about them, but she gets a serious face when taking self portraits :-) Adrienne is scowling because Colette is taking most of the pictures of her, and lately she has a really bad attitude toward Colette. I have an idea of how to work on that attitude, I'll write about it later.

The Frandsens said...

What a great idea for the artwork! I will have to remember that!

The Frandsens said...

ps I keep meaning to send you my email, but then I forget. I have to go right now, but just incase I forget again, I want an invite!

Armstrong Family said...

We do the binders with the page protectors. It's a wonderful thing! I also bought dividers and catergorized the art: Home-made cards, church stuff, school work, art, etc. It works so well and I bought thick binders so it'll hold a lot of stuff. I bought the binders with the see-through front and back covers so the kids decorated some colorful paper and then we slipped them in. I should take a pic. We constructed them one night for FHE.
OH, yes include me for your private blog: auddah@msn.com

The Miller's said...

Audra you just described exactly what I had in mind with the binders :-)

Marque Holt said...

Colette sounds kind of like my mother-in-law, lol. Lois always, ALWAYS has her camera in hand and takes hundreds of pictures at any given event. It actually drives the rest of their family crazy. She refuses to delete any; they actually bought an external hard drive to store them on, which filled in days.

I'm happy to hear you practice stricter de-cluttering habits.

I love preserving memories, but some of those pictures are either too identical to the ones taken before or after or they're just plain bad!

And no one ever wants to go back and look at what's been taken because there are too many bad ones that we have to sift through.

It's been a secret fantasy of mine to be able to go through their computer and delete all the photos with no people in frame, no obvious meaning to them, duplicates or deeply unflattering portraits. It's just so immense.

The binders with protective sheets thing is a really good idea-- for mine and Spencer's work!
Although we have no kids, I find I'm collecting all those doodles he makes on church programs, receipts, or loose papers and mixing them with mine in an old shoe-box. The binder technique sounds a lot more attractive :D