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Sunday, August 17, 2008

More catch up...

Today has been such a lazy day. Mike has been at a car thing in Monterey since Thursday night. The place has gotten pretty messy in his absence, and instead of clean up like I should (he'll be back tonight), I'm doing this!

So, I was going to write about the week my mom and dad were here, but there's actually not a whole lot to write about because they spent most of the time at my Uncle Rex's, working on some projects, and in Mexico getting some dental work done. But we did work in a few fun things. One of them being going to see Wall-E at that cool theater on base, only I didn't go because I had a headache. But I think everyone else had fun.

Thursday the kids and I, my parents, and my Aunt Ann and Uncle Rex went to see my aunt and uncle's horses (Mike was working swing, so couldn't make it). That was really fun...there are pictures of that below.

Friday my mom went with me to the Temple because we both needed to buy some things at the distribution center. I have pictures from that day too, but they'll be up in the next post.

Saturday my parents came over and we went in the pool, then walked to the boardwalk here in Coronado and had lunch. My parents left later that day and were back in Bremerton Sunday night!

I separated these posts according to the folders that the pictures were in, so this will seem random along with the horse pictures (and it's also why the temple pictures aren't on this post), but I made these for my parents. They're my evil concoction...evil because they're so easy. They're mini smores pies:

The girls had Burger King on the way to the horses, here they are in the crowns they give out there:

My Aunt Ann giving the girls the rules.

Adrienne petting Cheyenne

King Edward

Colette on Robin

This horse was blind in this eye. I never knew that a horse's pupil isn't round, it's weird looking.

That's my Uncle Rex walking with Adrienne and Cheyenne

This shot is just to show how open the scenery is (that's me on the horse, but you can't see very well)

Another one to show the scenery

Colette and I on Cheyenne...Colette kicked me off shortly after that

My aunt and uncle were great with the kids, and they even gave them horse shoes as souvenirs!

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