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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So I haven't kept up with my schedule I set for myself on catching up here. There've been higher priority stuff to take care of. But, in keeping with another New Year's goal of trying not to be so perfectionistic, I'm reviving my old motto from when I was a teenager..."It is better to shoot for the stars and miss, than to aim for the gutter and hit it." I'll still get caught up, I just can't put a timeline on it right now. Too much stuff to catch up on from the winter break and I need to plan Adrienne's birthday party for next week. I just don't want to be talking about August in February! I had some dental work done today and that's screwed up my schedule for the rest of the day because once the numbness wore off my jaw ached which then made my head ache, so I took pain meds and now I'm loopy. My dental for this year after insurance is going to cost $2700 :-P Then I'll need one more crown replaced next year and hopefully that will be all for a long time! *fingers crossed* I'm going to try to up my tooth care regimen to try to prevent any more problems. I brush twice a day and floss nearly daily, but I'm going to try to brush after everytime I eat (should help with the no snacking portion of my diet) and make sure I floss daily instead of nearly daily. Hope that makes the difference! They only get bad when I'm pregnant. That was an unforseen expense of having these little ones, but it's a small price to pay I think :-)

It snowed again Sunday. I had just finished writing about how the snow had nearly melted away and when I pulled myself away from the computer after working on the post for 3 1/2 hrs it was coming down strong and by morning there was about 5 inches. It delayed school for 2 hrs. Mike didn't go in to work (it was his first day due back), but it wasn't because of the snow...he was sick. But in true Washington form, the snow is nearly gone today from the rain.

One thing I forgot to mention about Christmas was that the girls said that they got more than they would have expected and were very satisfied with what they got. That was nice to hear since we didn't spend a lot of money (more than we'd originally planned on, but still not a lot) and we didn't get all they had wished for. I wouldn't be one to get them all they'd wish for anyway, just based on principle -- don't want them to get spoiled. Plus they also don't always really know what they want.

Anyway, that didn't catch me up on anything, but wanted to check in :-)

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