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Monday, February 19, 2007

Big Day for Colette

So, today has been a big day for Colette. This morning I realized I only had 4 diapers left and I had no plans to go anywhere today, so decided to potty train her. Six pairs of training pants and plastic covers later - 2 of them poopy, and she has yet to use her potty chair. But it just takes that first time to get things going, so I'll keep trying. If that doesn't work, my secret weapon is M&M's....worked with Adrienne.

This picture is after the second of three baths today:

I've been growing her bangs out and a lot of the time they would cover her eyes and it just looked terrible. I'd put her bangs up in an elastic or clips when we'd go out, but she doesn't like wearing them, so will take them out if I put them in just to wear at home. Today I thought I'd close the gap between her hair length and the length of her bangs by cutting her hair. So now they're about the same! It was much harder to cut her hair than it was to cut Adrienne's at her age.

After the third bath:

What d'ya think?


Emma Bush said...

Amber! I love it, I'm so excited...! I say go with the M&M's...

leslie said...

such cute hair! way to go mom

Elizabeth said...

The hair cut is so cute! My oldest has hair that naturally grows straight down into her face, but she doesn't want bangs at all. We use a lot of headbands with her. Good luck with the potty training. Jelly beans is what worked with my youngest, but it had to be stickers with my oldest. I hated potty training. I hope it goes well for you and Colette!

Amber Miller said...

Thanks for the jelly bean suggestion. We had a short period of regression when she got bored of M&M's and still wasn't motivated enough to go just to be dry. So I switched to jelly beans and that did the trick!