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Thursday, February 22, 2007


I'm procrastinating doing the bills right now. I despise doing the bills.

This week has been good...I've been trying to be more structured with my time. I've been getting all the annoying housework that needs constant maintaining to stay caught up on done first thing in the morning. Then I work on other stuff that needs doing, then things that get me ahead, then I can do whatever I want for the rest of the day guilt-free. I've been meaning for ages to do this, but this is the first week I've actually done it. Today I've gotten all the maintenance done, but the other stuff that needs doing is the bills...I will write this, then I've got to get to it on the bills!

So since I wrote on Monday the potty training has been here-and-there. Colette was babysat by two different people on Tuesday, so I just put her back in diapers for that. Then yesterday we spent the day in Bellingham (more on that later), so today was the first day back at it full force. She's been resisting it big time even though she's shown all the signs that she's ready.....she wants her diaper changed immediately after soiling it, she tells me when she does, she gets her own diapers and wipes, she stays dry through the night and naps. Today I've even been bribing her with M&M's and she hasn't earned one yet. She did use the potty chair twice on Tuesday, but that's been it so far.

So yesterday's trip to Bellingham was fun. The girls and I headed up there to spend some time with Kristy and Jessi and their kids....we hadn't seen each other since high school, so it was like we went through a time warp. It blows my mind how quickly time goes by now and how slow it used to seem when I was a kid. They both looked exactly the same and I felt like I looked so old...but it came up later and we all felt the same way about each other and ourselves. So maybe my beginnings of wrinkles aren't as obvious to everyone else as they are to me. The kids just ran around and played while we talked and caught up and talked about reunion stuff. Then later we went to Kristy's restaurant for dinner. It was good food, and it wasn't too busy, and our kids were very well-behaved, so all that adds up to a wonderful time. Plus an added bonus was the balloon guy that could make about 20 different things. Adrienne got a heart with a teddy bear hugging it, and Colette got a flower that went on her wrist like a corsage. Adrienne and Kristy's daughter Payton didn't want to separate so soon...next time I go up there I will have to plan on staying the night.

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Emma Bush said...

I'm the same way when it comes to bills and fun things that seem to be neverending like LAUNDRY AND DISHES! It feels so good to get them taken care of early, huh? But most of the time I just come up with grand excuses to put it off...hahaha.