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Monday, February 19, 2007

Emma's fun picture game

Emma invented this fun picture game. (I think she just intended for it to be a one-time thing and I'm the nerd who decided to keep it going.) You pick a picture at random and then describe it! So I got Adrienne's help in picking this picture at random. She pointed at different folders until we got down to the picture. When I went to click "upload" she says - I can't see what it is. I said - That's because it's supposed to be a surprise. She says - So it's supposed to be random? (I was impressed that she knew random - I purposely didn't say 'random' and said 'surprise' because I didn't think she knew it). So back to the picture. It's a pretty recent on actually...I took it a couple weeks ago. We have SO many picture of Adrienne from before Colette, and I just try to remember to take pictures of Colette once-in-awhile. I can't get her to look at the camera or smile though! Pardon the messy living room floor:

Okay, one more. So this next one was about three years ago. I found this program on the internet that lets you take a picture of yourself and do a virtual makeover. This was one of the "after" pictures. Sorry it's so fuzzy:

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