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Sunday, May 27, 2007


This weekend we helped to celebrate birthdays for three young men at two different birthday parties!

On Saturday we went to my cousin Jenny's to celebrate her son Justin's 4th birthday. It was great that we were able to go because I hadn't seen my cousin Jenny and my other cousins Kate or Kristi (her sisters) in FOREVER! It's probably been since high school. Wait...Kate and Kristi came to my wedding reception, and I've run into Jenny several times around town...but this was the first time with us all together, and their mom Kathy and dad Mike were there as well! Plus Bryn came, so it was almost like old times when our families got together - the only ones missing were their brother Mike, my parents and Camille!

A little background on how we all met. When we first moved to Poulsbo, and Jenny heard Camille's last name was Lybbert, she got to talking with her about the possibility of our families being related because Jenny's mom Kathy's maiden name is Lybbert. I don't know exactly how we're related, but I think Jenny and her siblings are second cousins to us...or close to that.

So once we found out we were related, we had some family get togethers once in awhile, and I know Bryn and I spent some time at their house in the summers just hanging out playing good old games like Red Rover, running through sprinklers, and sleeping in tents :-) Good times...

But like so many of my relationships since high school, I'd lost touch with them, but we regained contact this last winter through myspace!

So, back to the party - it was lots of fun, and Jenny is a wonder woman, pulling it all off while her husband was deployed.

Sunday we went to my sister Bryn's house to celebrate my nephews Kieran and Johnny's birthdays. Earlier in the month Johnny turned 2, and Kieran recently turned 4. Here are some pics from that one!

The birthday boys! Kieran and Johnny:
Birthday boys again...(see Adrienne's Tink card in the background?)

The cakes:



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