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Sunday, May 27, 2007


I realized awhile ago that the girls and my hair looked pretty much the same - all the same length, no bangs, brown, straight.

I thought we should each get some individuality - starting with my hair in April in Mexico. Not what I wanted, but other people seem to like it, so okay for the time being.

(At my nephews' birthday party)

Then I started to think that some of the fantastic curl that Adrienne used to have might still be there hiding under the straightness. This was because she still had some curls in the hair around her face. Also because last year when we took in the stray cat Frodo, in his short 1 month stay (before I broke out in a terrible allergic reaction) he left us 3 girls a little gift - ringworm. Adrienne had it the worst - she had one up on her shoulder, and at the time I cut her hair off her shoulders to chin length so that the ringworm wouldn't spread onto her scalp (harder to deal with and creates bald patches where it grows) - well, I guess I didn't get to it fast enough because a few months after we seemed to be ringworm-free, I did notice a bald patch in her hair (luckily not noticable). After it was treated and gone and the hair started to grow back, it came in curly among all the straight hair! So, anyway, I got the idea that it was the weight of her hair that took out any of the remaining curl (it obviously would never be as tight as it had once been) - well that seemed to work!

(Adrienne tight curls - at age 2 1/2 - at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii)

(At my nephews' birthday)
So, Colette was left. Her hair is like mine - thin, pin straight. At this age I don't want to fuss too much with it, and I still don't even know what is best for my hair, so I'm not going to know what's best for hers! (I need Nick Arrojo!) So all I decided to do with hers to give her an actual style is the standard for kids - a bob with bangs.

(At my nephews' birthday party)

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