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Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I got home from route about 40 minutes ago and am not tired and everyone's sleeping, so thought I'd write a little bit. Actually I just made some changes to my last blog...see the paragraph about choking and the descriptions for the pictures (that way you don't have to read through the whole long thing if you already have).

I'm going in for my first prenatal visit tomorrow, so I'll know soon if there's some basis for my suspicion about what is going on...if there isn't, then you'll never know what it was :-)

Okay, I'd better TRY to go to bed now! No hallucinations tonight, although I did pass 4 cops! (and I had to hotwire the car 3 times! stupid car)


Emma Bush said...

Where did you learn how to hotwire!?

Amber Miller said...

From Mike, he's a car guy so he's taught me a little bit about stuff like that. I've even changed my own oil a few times! But I probably only know about 1% of what he does about cars. I'm sure that will change when he gets his shop though.

I've had to limp along many a route car....the most annoying and embarrassing thing I had to do involved a tire pump, and I had to do it about every 20 minutes to half hour, but I can't remember what it was I was doing exactly.