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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A MUST GET for Preschoolers!!

Parents of Preschoolers: Get this DVD! It's really really good! After only a few times watching it Adrienne started to teach herself how to read and write.


She liked it so much and saw the ad somewhere for "The Math Circus" and wanted it also. I was so impressed by "The Letter Factory" I had no problem with getting it, and even sprung for this 5-pack of DVDs:


We've had the 5-pack a few days and Adrienne has watched and likes the new four ("The Letter Factory" is included in the 5-pack, so a dupliate for us). I know she learned a lot from "The Letter Factory" and I'm waiting to see if she'll learn just as much from these new ones before recommending it. We'll be giving the duplicate video to Adrienne's cousin Kieran for his 4th birthday that's coming up.

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