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Friday, March 23, 2007

SICK of being SICK

So I'm 7 weeks along now. I've been feeling pretty poopy lately. The night before I took a test at only 3 weeks along I threw up, and I've been nauseous off-and-on ever since. But in the last week it's been more on than off - probably about 90% of the time, and today has been my first day of more than just nausea. This may be easier to handle if I could do anything other than sit on the couch or walk upright slowly. Anything beyond that and I start to gag and sometimes more. This morning I woke up and sneezed and that set me off! Sure hope this is a phase, I can't do anything! and the poor girls have cabin fever.


Leslie said...

so sorry to hear that- i can relate :( i was throwing up daily until i went into labor! lets hope that doesnt happen to you! one thing that would help me so i didnt get AS sick was to eat something before i even got out of bed in the morning- i kept a loaf of bread next to my bed and laid in bed and ate a piece before i even went to the bathroom. i hope you find something that works to stop the sick... besides going into labor!

Emma Bush said...

Amber! I'm sorry, that sounds miserable. How long will that last for?

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like we're all going to be a chorus of sympathy for you. I am so sorry you've been so sick this time around. For your sake, and the sake of your girls, I hope this passes quickly and the rest of your pregnancy is smooth and wonderful!