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Friday, March 16, 2007


Today was the official groundbreaking day and it was bittersweet...awesome to see the dirt moving to make room for our house, but not so awesome to have our power cut for the majority of the day. They cut through the line at about 3:30, and our power was back by 7:30. Not so bad, and glad it wasn't off through the night, it's just so typical of this whole project. There was a pretty decent sized pile of dirt made that the kids had a blast running up and down on. I just can't wait till they're done, and even more until the foundation is in! Then I'll really feel like this is going to happen and it's not a dream. I'll send more pictures in a couple days.

Oh, and I've been having symptoms from before I even knew I was pregnant, but they are intensifying big time the last couple days. I just hope I'm not throwing up every five minutes while I'm on paper route tomorrow morning.

Not sure where to put this observation, so I'll just throw it in here randomly at the end...today was kind of weird to me - the weather was the nicest it's been - our house warmed up to warmer than what the thermostat was set for and it was the first day I'd considered turning on the A/C, and at the same time when I'd go outside it smelled like Christmas because of all the freshly pulled out of the ground evergreen trees. It was bizarre.

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