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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Before the trip my dad wanted me to know what to expect, so he told me to picture a 50's style dentist's office. I'm like...uhhh...I was born in 1979! So, I really didn't know what to expect. Some of my friends have expressed an interest in going to Mexico for their dental work, so I thought it would help if you could see what to expect! I didn't go there planning on taking pictures, so I didn't bring the camera - I also thought Mike would be using it to take pictures of the girls in their new car that arrived while I was gone. But I realized while I was there that I had my camera phone! I'd never used it for anything other than goofing around, so I didn't know how the photos would turn out. They're not great, but they're better than nothing! Along with the pictures of the dentist's office there are a few random photos from the trip - some of the sights (as far as riding around from place-to-place), from the hotel, and the nice spa I went to.


Overall I would recommend Dr. Lara. I stress that I only vouch for him, and not just any dentist in Mexico! He is the only one I've had experience with, and the only reason I even went to him is because my parents and other family have been going to him for over 10 years. If you're interested in him, here is the link to his site: Happy Teeth Dental

One thing I will say about Tijuana is that it was much nicer than I remember from when I was younger! I didn't want to be overdressed, so I just brought really casual clothes. But, it turned out I was WAY underdressed and looked like a total schmuck! I think that Dr. Lara thought I was a schmuck too...he was nice and all, but didn't make much conversation. But by Saturday I think I got into his good graces...I did bring one nicer outfit that I wore that day, and all of a sudden he was more interested in having a conversation. He said he liked my blouse (pronounced it bluce), and was serenading me :-) There was always Mexican musican music playing loudly in the background. I mentioned that I'd gotten one of the songs that I'd heard there over the few days stuck in my head and I only knew one line but I kept singing it in my head over and over. He asked which song and I sang the one line for him...apparently he liked my singing, and that sent him on a rant about how he loves music and singing, and does karaoke. Some how I got to mentioning about how Adrienne is interested in learning to play the harp (she's been interested for about 2 years now) and he was really interested in that and urged me to get her into lessons (which on a side note - I did call a teacher and they recommend some piano first, which I think will be good because if after some piano she's still interested in the harp, then I feel like she'd give it a good try). Oh, one thing that you wouldn't experience here in the U.S., but it didn't bother me too much - I could smell cigarette smoke in the dentist's office. He smokes in his office and not around any patients, but he also doesn't stink or anything.

One thing that I wished the whole time I was there was that I could speak even a little Spanish! I actually started a Spanish class last fall at O.C., but it was by telecourse, and it just was not working for me! So I dropped it. That was when I stopped going to school recently...I had been going 1/2 to 3/4 time since Adrienne was about 8 months old. On another side note - I'll probably be going back this Winter, but this time with no grants - we'll be paying my way, so then I can just do 5 credits. I'm only 15 credits from my Assocites. Anyway, back to what I was talking about...so I took that Spanish class last fall, but dropped it halfway through, and didn't remember any of it while in Mexico. I'll have to take it over to replace that grade I got...I really want to learn Spanish because I think it is the most practical 2nd language living in the U.S.

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