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Monday, April 16, 2007

Cheering Myself Up

So, I was bored and wanted to put a picture up so did a random search for one. This is what came up. This is from Christmastime 2003. I made beaded necklaces for all my sisters and sisters-in-law. I can't remember why, but I took pictures of each one. I think I might have emailed the pictures to show someone. This one is for Mike's sister Lynda who loves dragons:

So that was the random one, but now I want to put up the pictures of the other necklaces for fun. I LOVE doing crafty stuff like this, but we haven't had the room for me to do things without the girls getting into stuff, so I haven't done much over the years since I've been married. BUT, one of the MANY reasons that I can't wait to move into the house is because I will have my very own craft room! It will be such a stress reliever to be able to work on projects all the time.

This one was for Mike's sister Diane who likes cats (she and Lynda were a little harder to make necklaces for because they didn't seem like jewelry type of gals, so I wanted to do something that they would like because of the charms, and not because it was pretty - I think Lynda really liked hers and I saw her wear it quite often):

Rachel, Kristine and Karen were easier to make necklaces for. This is Rachel's (Mike's brother Robert's wife):

And Mike's sister Kristine's (daisies):

I liked the one for Kristine, so I made one for Adrienne:

And Mike's sister Karen's (sunflowers), it wasn't finished yet:

I guess I hadn't made the ones for my family yet, but I also didn't take pictures of them when I did. Oh well.

Sorry if that was boring, but it was fun for me and cheered me up. I'm still in a lot of pain and have been on and off the pain killers today. I'll let you all know how the root canal goes tomorrow - I hope it takes all the pain away, but maybe will just help to ease it until Mexico. Besides being in pain, I've also been a big of an emotional wreck - don't know if it's coming from being in constant pain, or hormonal, or what. I've just been weeping over the stupidest of things. This morning when I first started to fall apart I was talking to my parents over speakerphone - I guess I must have sounded pretty pitiful, because they swooped in and came to pick up the girls for awhile to give me a break. It was really nice, and much needed.

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Karla said...

I absolutely love those necklaces. I am not at all crafty like that.