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Saturday, April 21, 2007


Happy Birthday to my sister Bryn today! And to my niece Rianne tomorrow!

Moments that mothers love to see:

This morning when I got up for paper route, this is what it looked like out the window (our future view):

While I was out there to take a picture of the sunrise, I took a few of the progress with the house - the footings are in, and the foundation will be poured on Monday. This is looking down to where the basement will be - I'm standing where the garage will be:

Turned around from the spot I took the last picture from - up to where it angles to the left is the garage, and the diagonal section will be Mike's shop:

Since I had the camera with me when I went outside to leave for route, I took it with me. Sometimes I see some weird, interesting, or beautiful things and wish I had a camera. I didn't have to wish today:

I called 911 to let them know about the loose horse (maybe I should look up the number for animal control and save it in my phone - I feel like I've been calling 911 a lot for non-emergencies lately). I was hoping the peacocks I saw a few weeks ago would be out - there were about five peacocks lined up on the door of a barn and it looked like it would make a really nice photo. Maybe I'll have to make a habit of bringing the camera.


Karla said...

In my learnings, if I have the camera, nothing good happens.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so excited for you and the house! How exciting to be able to watch it all happen.

I know some women who keep a disposable camera in their cars for unexpected picture opportunities. With the cool things that happen on your route, that might be a good idea for you too. The horse is beautiful.