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Friday, April 20, 2007

Will it EVER end?

Feeling sick, that is. I am sure people are SO sick of hearing about how I'm feeling...I'm just trying to figure it out. I thought I was starting to feel better morning-sickness-wise a couple weeks ago, when that annoyance was replaced with the annoyance of the tooth pain. I was hopeful that after I got the root canal earlier this week that I'd start feeling much better - not so! But more on that in a bit.

I got the root canal done on Tuesday. I was actually quite excited to get it - which seemed pretty odd - most people aren't giddy in anticipation for a ROOT CANAL. But, as soon as they numbed me up that horrible pain was FINALLY gone! I have felt great in that regard, and can't wait to get everything done in Mexico next week - it is still annoying to eat because of undone crowns - so gaps in my teeth and the tooth recently worked on is still sore when I eat, but at least not the constant pain. For anyone that may have been concerned, I haven't needed any pain killers since right after the root canal - Tylenol has been enough now. A weird effect of getting the root canal is that I seem to have developed a temporary lisp. It's the same one I had when I was younger, so I find it very frustrating - it's the 's' lisp - I used to practice saying S's with the word "snakes" - I used to say it "th-nake-th". After a few days I was getting concerned, but today it's much better.

The day after the root canal - Wednesday - the day started out and I was feeling great and thinking I might finally be in the clear. I met up with some friends at a restaurant for lunch for a good friend's birthday party, and had a great time. But when I got home - sick AGAIN! Thursday I dragged myself and the girls to the mall because I needed to get a few things for a wedding reception we're attending on Saturday. I actually had a pretty good time shopping and spent quite awhile - about 2 1/2 hours - quite a feat with two little ones running around! But, it was also where the confusion about what in the world is up with me! started. Twice when coming from inside the mall to outside the mall I got suddenly very nauseous and threw up (once in the bushes, once - very unfortunately - in the parking lot). That is unusual because the kind of sick I've dealt with most of the time has been just feeling very nauseous, and tired. Now I'm actually vomiting! Ugh, making myself sick just typing about it - on to something else. So, it was fun shopping because I had in mind what I wanted and I actually found stuff I liked and for a bargain! I found a necklace I really loved at Macy's that was originally $90, and it was on sale for $22.50! And I found some heels that were originally $35 for $20 - so I paid about $45 for $125 worth of goods! Okay, after that break from sick-related stuff - This is why I'm really confused - Adrienne wokd up this morning and threw up! So, I don't know if in the last couple days I've been sick-sick, or pregnant-sick. I guess all I need to do is wait a few days and see what happens. SO SORRY about all that talk of sickness and complaining!

Today I had my first prenatal doctor's appointment. I guess I'd blocked out that the first visit is one of those intrusive types - so I wasn't prepared and left feeling just a little violated. BUT the upside is that things are looking good, and we were even able to hear the baby's heartbeat (it's a little early yet for that, so we were lucky). Mike didn't come, but the girls did, and Adrienne thought it was pretty neat to hear the baby's heartbeat. It's fun to have a child old enough to understand about what's going on with the baby - unlike Adrienne with Colette, or Colette with this one.

Hopefully I won't be whining and complaining so much in my next post!


Ron said...

I hope you feel better soon... if it is a bug at least there's a chance it will go away soon.

Exciting that you heard the heartbeat... that was always the best feeling. :-)

Talk to you later...


Karla said...

I love hearing the heartbeat. It's a great milestone.

I hope you feel better soon. With my first pregnancy I vomited every day for 6 months, so I do feel your pain.

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry you're back to being sick. I'd hoped you were over the worst! Feeling any better now?

Hearing the heartbeat never gets old, does it? I got giddy over it every single time with all three kids.