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Sunday, June 17, 2007


I guess you'd have to ask Mike to be sure, but I thought Father's Day was really good this year!

We surprised him with breakfast-in-bed, a card that Adrienne made (I'd scan and include it, but Mike has it now - more on that later this week), and two gifts - one for each girl to give to him. Adrienne was bummed that she didn't actually buy the gift and didn't feel like she could claim it as hers - I had to explain that I bought it for her to give to him. But actually she did help pick it out online - it was a new tie. And for Colette to give to him was a metal sign with Mater from "Cars" for him to hang up in his shop when the house is done. So that is what we did for the father in our little family, and Mike seemed happy.

At church Mike's parents are there at the same time, and we have some overlap with my parents. So I brought cards to give out to them - I did see my dad and gave him his and the girls and I gave him hugs, but somehow I missed Mike's dad. But we were invited over there for lunch/dinner (a little late for lunch, a little early for dinner) and so we gave our card to him then. So then we just hung out at Mike's parents and it was a nice day!

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