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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cute and Funny

Last night while I was doing paper route, I saw in the middle of the road a little mouse. As I drove closer I expected it to dart out of the road, but it didn't and it was behaving strangely and I started to think something was wrong with it. When I got right up next to it, I could see that it was chasing its own tail! Just like a cat or a dog would. It was so funny looking to see this little thing whirling around in circles, but what made it even funnier to me was how engrossed in this little game it was that it didn't notice me drive up right next to it.


fil-a-ree said...

that's usually the sign of a head injury. it had prolly been bumped by another car.... or maybe it was just being silly, who knows.

Amber Miller said...

Oh, well that's not very funny. It looked okay though, so I'm going to go with being silly.