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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This pregnancy has been a bit different than it was for the girls - some might say because this one is a boy. I don't think anyone really knows if there's anything to that, could just be an old wives' tale, but I think the theory that they would differ because of the difference in hormones makes sense.

With the girls I was sick more in the 1st trimester, but not really badly, but I continued to be sick through the whole pregnancy. It did get better, but never to where I could cook very much. With this boy (jury's still out on the name...still leaning toward Jeremy though) I was much more sick in the first trimester, but after a few weeks into the 2nd I have been feeling great and have been able to cook quite a bit - most notably would be eggs - with the girls, it took me a few weeks even after having them to try to attempt eggs.

So, another thing that's different about this little guy is that I am carrying him in my pelvis! The girls were up around my belly button and by about the 18th week I was feeling a lot of movement in that area. With this pregnancy I feel him down in my pelvis and I'm now 21 weeks and I still don't feel much movement - that worried me for awhile, but after hearing the heartbeat a few times in the last few weeks and with the ultrasound and everything looking dandy, I'm assuming he's just a lot more mellow! Or he's moving mostly when I'm sleeping - could be that I suppose. BUT, the big problem with carrying him so low is that he is prying my hips apart! They hurt so bad...on the sides, and in the small of my back, but mostly on the sides. It hurts to walk with my legs in the regular forward and back motion, and it hurts less when I walk more side to side - like a waddle - that's not supposed to start until the 3rd trimester! So, I think I look a lot farther along than I actually am - could have something to do with this being the third too!

As far as cravings - with Adrienne it was tomatoes, and unfortunately later in the pregnancy it was sugar. With Colette the only craving I remember was those marinated mushrooms, and then again, sugar. With this one it's fruit! I am liking this craving because it's a lot healthier than the sugar craving!

Oh, one more thing...I have a product recommendation for anyone that gets heartburn...which I am getting way earlier in the game with this one! Usually that's a third-trimester thing, but in recent weeks, it's pretty regular. I hate tums because of the chalkiness, the smooth dissolve or whatever it was is better, but still not great. I also really hate minty antacids. I finally found my perfect antacid! It's Rolaids Softchews - Wild Cherry They're really yummy!

So there you go...there's my baby update. I never was much for taking the growing belly pics, so that's all you get :-)

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Agnes Minerva said...

Oh yeah, I think most of your stuff is because he's your third ... the carrying lower, for sure. I felt less movement with Calvin, too, but I think it was because he slept a lot during the day and moved around more while I was asleep. Plus, running around after Charlotte, I didn't have as much time to notice him moving like I did with Charlotte.