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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So, I believe the last I posted pictures about the house was when the foundation was poured. There's been a lot of progress since then, that I've written a bit about, but no pictures. Before the progress got underway though, there were a few setbacks. Once the foundation was poured, they needed to backfill the dirt around it - the first day of this they cut through our power cord and we were without power for a good portion of that day. Then, the next day of backfilling they cut a water line and the well had to be shut off - so for me, about as bad as having power out when I can't shower, do dishes, or laundry. That's why it was nice when we were done with the subs and the control was back in our hands. Since then it's been Mike and my dad doing the work. Mike took some time off work to get things going, but then he was needed at work, so my dad's continued on without him, until Mike will be able to take time off again - which will be in the next few weeks. He's helped him a little here and there after work, but his work schedule has been very erratic. I'm going write more about that later this week.

I had mentioned that I've helped a little with some nailing and cleaning. The girls have also been great helpers - with picking up garbage, and bottles, and little things with their little fingers - like spilled nails.

So, onto what everyone has been waiting for.....PICTURES!!!

Backfilled and basement slab:

You can see where the house will be in relation to our driveway...driveway is on the right of this picture:

Main floor:

Main floor framing:

Looking into the future study:
Looking into the future living room:
Looking into the future dining room:
Dining room again, where the french doors will go:
Our bedroom:
Our closet/bathroom area:
Storage area, next to the garage:
Looking out at garage, and entryway:
Down to the basement
In the basement...future T.V. area:

The corner of the living room and dining room:
Future patio area:

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Agnes Minerva said...

Wow, your house is really coming together! I think seeing the framing, and that you have an actual basement with stairs, is making it more real to me.

You realize, of course, that this means we're having holidays at your house from now on? ;) (Just kidding. But I *am* looking forward to many visits to your big beautiful house :)