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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Colette has been in the process of being potty-trained for several months now. When we potty-trained Adrienne she was almost three, so she was very ready and within a week she was trained and sleeping through the night with underwear, and that was it! Colette was only barely two when we started with her and so it's been a much longer process - she's been in an out of pullups, sometimes regressing so much that she didn't use the potty for days. But recently I really cracked down on it, and for the past week she's been out of pullups, except for bedtime, with very few accidents. She had been wearing training pants these several months because the times when she had an accident, that extra bit of absorption was all that was needed to prevent it from getting all over. She was happy to make the switch from the training pants to the regular undies that Adrienne wears. I got her some special new undies to congratulate her for doing so well this week...she wore all three pairs that day. The point of my explaining all this is leading up to this picture...I guess she was so excited about being in regular undies that she just couldn't get enough!:

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Agnes Minerva said...

Oh, I love it! Three cheers for unders! :) And for Colette for doing so well on the potty!