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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Adrienne and I attended the Forest Theater's "Robin Hood." It's become a tradition - I've been taking her every year since she was 3 - Colette will join us next year. We went with my friend Kanoe and her daughter Lehua (she and Adrienne are only one week apart). Here are some pics! My camera's battery was dying, so I didn't get as many as I'd hoped.

Adrienne helping me carry our stuff down...
Adrienne posing...she won't just give me a regular smile, she has to be making a goofy face:
A quarter mile down (and I mean DOWN) a trail, here is the stage:
Trying to get a self-portrait of the two of us:
Fourth try:
The play in action:
The intermission goody of the year...trade in one dollar for 3 farthings in a satin bag:
The "farthings" - I couldn't get a clear picture - They say something like - Forest Theater, Robin Hood (?)
The closing with all the cast:
Hiking back up the 1/4 mile trail:
Back at the top: Adrienne and Lehua...(I have to say that this year was the least kid-friendly production I've been to. Through a 5-year-old's eyes, I'd have to say that it was outright boring. But luckily these girls have a short memory - on the way back up the trail - Lehua: "That was great!", Adrienne: "Yeah!")

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