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Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm HOT!!!

No, I'm not being vain...I'm 22 weeks pregnant in July! I didn't really notice a difference until the other day when Adrienne was complaining about it being cold in the house. Then Colette was echoing her complaint and I'm thinking "What's wrong with these girls?" That's when I realized...maybe it's not them, it's me! We do have A/C and even with it set to 70 degrees I get too hot, but don't want to turn it down because I don't think the girls will appreciate it! Last night I slept with the lightest blanket I could find and it was still too hot...it's going to be a LONG summer!

In other pregnancy news, I had mentioned that I was having fruit cravings...not that this is so interesting, but check out all the fruits I've got in my frige (and from Costco, so lots of it!) - cantaloupe, pineapple, apples, strawberries, oranges, grapes, and peaches - I couldn't choose, so I got them all. I was also craving avocado, which is technically a fruit - I must need the potassium in that - I got close to getting a leg cramp the other day, ouch!

Here's another product recommendation if you're not against the use of Splenda...I LOVE Kozy Shack's Rice Pudding, but it's so addictive I don't allow myself to get it. I saw recently that they've got them in individual servings and made with Splenda and are only 90 calories per serving. They taste pretty close to the original.

So last on my random post for tonight...The girls and I watched "Pete's Dragon" tonight...one of my favorites as a kid. I've added a bunch of old favorites to my Netflix queue now that Adrienne is old enough to appreciate them. We watched "Supergirl" a few weeks ago...I think it was lost on her, thought she'd really like that one since she's so girly and likes to pretend to be "SuperAdrienne". Oh well, it wasn't as great as I remember, but I'm sure I'll get a hankering to see it again someday, just out of nostalgia. Next up are "The Last Unicorn", "Escape to Witch Mountain", and of course "Return from Witch Mountain", "Bedknobs and Broomsticks", and "Freaky Friday". I also like "Return to Oz", but that one's pretty creepy, so the kids should be older for that one. I guess I have sort of weird tastes...Those listed are excluding my FAVORITE favorite movies from my childhood/teenagerhood - "Princess Bride" - all-time-fave, "Labyrinth" - close second, then in no particular order - "Dennis the Menace", "Babe", "Matilda", "A Little Princess"......and, I think that's it. G'night! Paper route bright and early...I'll be on a mission is to find an apple fritter (the fruit craving has curbed, but not completely eliminated my sweet tooth!)


Ninja Of The Mundane said...

I once lived near a female friend who was married to a Navy officer. She was pregnant while he was on deployment, and she often turned to me with her various bizarro pregnancy needs ... more than once, she called me after midnight and asked me to run to Safeway and get her two things: 1) rocky road ice cream; and 2) dill pickles.

I was afraid to ask.

Amber Miller said...

Yeah, I never got the whole ice cream and pickles thing...sounds gross