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Monday, July 30, 2007

Recent House Stuff

Pictures from the last week of construction:

Took these sometime last week. Not much has changed on the house itself, but a lot of work has been done in the garage and shop. Worked on framing for the garage as you can see here:

But they did get more windows in on the main floor:

And in the basement:

Took these pictures tonight. Framing on the shop - very tall walls - this wall is what we see when we look out from the trailer now:

I helped Mike get that beam up tonight, another angle of the shop walls also:

And another of the framing in the garage:

This is the berber we got last week in Tacoma off of Craigslist. I said before it was a screamin deal at $0.37/square foot. We got three rolls and it will be enough for the whole house. We weren't originally planning on doing the same carpet throughout the WHOLE house! but, we do need to be keeping costs down, and carpet will be something easy enough to change out later on.

For berber we really like it - berber can be rough, but this is pretty soft, and it's a nice color that will go with almost anything - it's like a light brown with a bit of a pinkish color to it. Neutral, but warm. We have berber in the girls room now and it cleans VERY well, when each of the girls were still in diapers they went through the phase of wanting to have an art session on the carpet with their poop, and it all came completely out of the berber, so it will be good to have while the kids are still young.

While we put up that beam tonight, this is what the girls did a safe distance away. They were making pizza. They'd just gotten out of the bath and were in their jammies, that they then had to change when they got in because they were all sawdusty :-)

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