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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Updates, today, and random

So it looks like Mike did fix my phone, I haven't had a problem with it - but the very same day that he saved me from needing to buy a new phone, he leaned against his and ruined both of his screens. This is what it looks like - kind of interesting, but useless for telling the time, who's calling, who he's calling, etc.:

So now we have to get a phone for him! But he found a "handyman special" version of his phone on Ebay that we'll hopefully get for about $20 and he can just swap in the screens from that one. It's so nice having a handyman husband, I'm sure he's saved us thousands of dollars in different ways over the last 7 years.

It turns out that Colette doesn't have a UTI - the culture came back with no growth. The consulting nurse wasn't very helpful in answering my questions about why she would have had trace blood in her urine on Thursday, or about why she might have had a fever. But she did come up with another possible explanation for her complaining of it being "hot" in her pee-pee area - yeast infection. So, I started treatment for that tonight and we'll see if that clears things up. It would make sense...in the 2 1/2 days that she was on the antibiotic she never stopped complaining about it being "hot" and in fact if it is a yeast infection it could have gotten worse with being on the antibiotics. I was giving her yogurt though, and I'll continue to do so.

Saw Ratatouille today...it was really cute, I thought I would like it, and I liked it even more than expected. Went with Mike, the girls, my parents, and Rianne. Mike and my dad are working mornings, then breaking from about noon to four to avoid the worst of the heat, and then working later. So we went during that break-time.

This is random, and I know it's a long-shot that anyone reading this will know, but this is bugging me! As I've mentioned before, I deliver newspapers around a lot of the county, and I've seen these stickers on mailboxes - they're on maybe 50 out of the 1450 boxes that I deliver to:

Does anyone know what KT means??? I know, who cares, I didn't used to...I've seen them for the 5 years I've been delivering, but just in the last few months it's really been eating at me! I just want to know!

Mike thought maybe they had to do with Kitsap Transit??


Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Hello, fellow Kitsap blogger ... do you by chance deliver the Sun? That's who I work for.

And I've wondered about that "KT" thing too ... I'll ask around the newsroom.

Check out my blog as well: http://jimthomsen.blogspot.com/

Take care, and hope you're not too uncomfortable in the heat. Not the greatest time to be pregnant, I'm guessing.


Amber Miller said...

Hi ninja, you may be the first person I don't know to leave a comment! Nope, I deliver for the CK Reporter...but my hubby and I used to deliver for the Sun as well. Definitely let me know if you find out about what KT means!

Funny thing about this pregnancy is I was farther along by a month with my second pregnancy by now, but this third one I'm way hotter for some reason...