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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Colette's fun words

Today's post about the girls is the cute or funny things that Colette says. The only thing that's too bad is that you can't hear how she says these things. The inflection is half the cuteness!:

  • When we were at the zoo in Idaho she was really scared of a lot of the animals and statues (see pictures here), and that's when she started calling such things "Rawrs". A few times she's been scared to sleep in the room because of rawrs, and she has a puzzle she likes to do lately with a baby tiger on it, and she calls it her rawr.
  • She says happy "pappy". I asked her once if she was happy and she exclaimed "I'm pappy!" Then it was like a regular thing, her informing us that she's pappy all the time.
  • One day she kept saying to Mike as she'd point to her chest "I'm me", and he parroted back, "I'm me". And she'd say no "I'm me," then finally he says "You're you" and she said "Uh huh!" - He was impressed that at a little older than two then that she had figured out how to make that conversion from me to you.
  • Adrienne had picked up on animal names and body parts probably by around 2, but Colette has been doing things her own way, and she just doesn't care about accuracy as much, as long as she knows she she's saying and we eventually figure out what she's saying. Maybe she figures if we're doing the work why should she have to? :-) Awhile ago, when she was about two (notice I'm catching up on this stuff from awhile ago) when we tried to go over the body parts we'd try to get her to say them, but she'd just point at them questioningly and we'd always end up saying the parts, so then she felt like she didn't have to. So I tried again a few months ago and this time we were off to a good start - I pointed to my nose and said "What's this?" and she says "nose", so then on to the next body part "what's this?" and she says "that", (okay, I guess you could call it that - try again) "What's this?", and she says again "that"...and on and on :-) Lol...just now I tried with her again to see where she's at now. I point at my nose "What's this?", "Nose"...at my cheeks "what's this?"..."Eyes". I say "No, that's my cheeks" And she points at her eyes "Eyes". Then she says "Ear", and so I point at my ears....I guess she wanted to control the conversation. But she got all the facial features besides forehead. :-)
  • She calls candy "tanny" and it was also one of her first words ...she's a sugar fiend.
  • She says I love you "I yuh you"
  • She calls Blues Clues "Gloc Glue"...this started awhile ago and thought she might say it differently by now, so I asked her last night what her Blue stuffed animal was and she still said it gloc glue.
  • She calls babies "eh-eh"
  • She calls Adrienne by a nasal sound, almost like "En", but doesn't open her mouth. She also makes nasal sounds for any words she doesn't know and needs a filler sound.
  • When things happen like something spilling for example she'll say "No again!" (with the same inflection that people say "not again!"...or if it's a close call, then "Phew" with her hand wiping across her brow.
  • She calls all grandparents "ta-ta"
  • When she needs to go potty she says "I'm peeing!" Kind of alarming if you don't know that that's just her cue that she needs to go. I have to warn anyone caring for her that that's what she means so they don't freak out.
  • And alternately she calls a pool a "poo"...so she will say "I want to go poo!" meaning "I want to go in the pool!"
  • If someone accidently bumps or bonks her she says "Hey! You bop me!" She does this when she accidently bumps or bonks someone else...apparently she thinks anytime she feels pain that it must have been caused by someone else.
  • In recent months both girls have enjoyed watching the original "Cinderella" and the new "Cinderella III" fairly regularly, and of course Adrienne loves everything to do with Cinderella, but Colette's favorite character is the fairy godmother. After the first few times watching the movies, I caught her casting spells all around the house with a baton saying "bop bop boo!"

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