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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The other day...

Tuesday I took the girls to Regal's Free Family Film Festival...we saw "Doogal", which I think is the stupidest kids show I've ever seen. I'm usually pretty easy to please, but I really did not like this movie.

It's first come, first served, so I was trying to get there by 9:45 (it started at 10:00) and so rushed like crazy to make it, and when we got in there it was pretty empty! So we were sitting there waiting, and someone walking by turns to Colette and attacks her................it was my sister Bryn who was surprised to see us there - she just turned to hug her, but the sudden movement freaked me out (did I freak you out too?). So that was fun to sit next to her, she was there with her class from the day care she works at. Colette was pretty good, but she cracked me up when in the middle of the movie she says "I wanna watch Hi-5!". Hi-5 is a kids show that is Colette's absolute favorite...no matter what is on the T.V. she wants it to be Hi-5, and she really would watch it over and over and over...I know because I did that one morning when she got up especially early (bad mommy....I know). So it just made me laugh that even when we're in a movie theater she would prefer to be watching Hi-5.

After the movie we took my mom out to lunch for her birthday (that was on the 9th!) ...we went to a French bistro because Adrienne is about all things French, and we had gone to see Ratatouille with my parents a few weeks before, so we were on a French kick. The food was good, but it was pricey and not the best place to bring kids. I would go back with Mike, but my description of our lunch experience has turned him off to the place without ever having been there.

Speaking of Ratatouille and being on a French kick...after the movie I came home and looked for some recipes of ratatouille that I would try later (my already small kitchen is very cluttered right now...any new cooking endeavors like that I'm saving for my new huge wonderful kitchen). Well my mom had the same idea, and she has a kitchen she can work in, so she's making ratatouille tonight, and we're invited to come try! I'll let y'all know what I think!

Yesterday my goal was to get outside to clean up the job site, but different things kept pulling me away from that goal, so that is number one today. But we did go to Lowe's last night and spent a few hours getting some concrete decisions made on hardwood, carpet, the front door and french doors, and then some not as concrete decisions on a few others things. We need to decide on cabinets, and paint colors, and appliances, etc.

I shouldn't even mention posts that I intend to put up because I end up doing them so much later than I want...maybe I do it to keep me feeling motivated to do it....well, anyway, I have a few posts I've been meaning to get up...the one from June I'd mentioned about the girls, and one from last weekend and the birthday party we went to. So hopefully sometime before the weekend is over.

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