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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Recent progress on the house...

Finally! Sorry, I told some people these would be on here Sunday night...I just couldn't seem to find the time to put these up. I have to go in a few minutes, I'll try to quickly put up descriptions and if I don't get to all of them, I will later today:

So what has happened since the last update is that the floor joists for the top floor were put up, then the floor itself, and then the staircase. In the last few days Mike and my dad have been working on framing and the layout (there was some gained room in the bathroom and laundry area, so we re-worked those) I think the windows and trusses will be in the next few weeks and Mike will also be starting on the plumbing.

This is from the driveway looking into the main floor and you can see the new staircase to the top floor!:

The main floor with a ceiling over it now!:
Sorry it's sideways...the stairwell from the main floor:
Sorry it's sideways...the staircase from the main floor up to the top floor:Looking down from the top floor into the garage and shop area...bonus room will be above the garage:
Looking out from the top floor:
Another angle from the top floor...looking out over the stairwell. The open space to the left will be open to below, the middle open space is the staircase, and the open space to the right is over the porch:
Looking out over the top floor in the direction of the kids rooms:
View....The view will be better later when we get some trees taken down or lopped off:
You can't see very well because of the clouds, but this is our view of Rainier:
Another in the direction of Rainier, only zoomed out...it's between those two tall trees in the middle of the picture:
More view:
We'll have more view of Dyes Inlet, but you can see some of the water peaking out here:
Looking down from the top floor into our bedroom:
Down into the dining area:
Down into the living room (I need to get out there and clean up after them! It's getting hazardous for them to be working in all this mess!):
Down into the study:
Down on the staircase:

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