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Monday, July 16, 2007

Introducing Sarah's Treats!

I wanted to explain the link to Sarah's Treats that's there with the links to my friend's blogs...

Sarah is a good friend of mine, and she took the cake decorating classes at JoAnn Etc. and now she
teaches the classes herself!

You can see when you follow that link that she is also in the business of custom making them as well!

This picture is of a cake she helped me make for my mom's birthday last summer (sorry it's sort of fuzzy). I have some cakes that I like to make for birthdays (they are THE yummiest EVER - see my cooking blog - still need to get the lemon one up though), but if I'm ever too busy to bake, or want something special looking, she's the one that I go to. So check her out if you live in the Kitsap area!

P.S. The cake on her site that has a slice cut out and on top of the cake is the one she made as a gift for me for my birthday last year!

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